I translate special subject texts from English into German and co-operate with qualified native speakers if translations into English are required. On request, I deliver texts ready for printing in the layout provided by the graphic designer I work with.


You won’t find logos of any big firms here. After all, as a sworn translator I am bound by professional discretion – not only where contract work is involved. But I can tell you this much: my customers include reputable SME as well as global players from telecommunications, IT, automotive and food processing. Whatever your query or assignment is about, it’ll be kept confidential.

Human Translation & CAT

Professional translation memories have a cost-cutting effect, in particular when used on texts containing numerous repetitions. But they also help to economise when existing text versions that have already been translated are brought up to date. All the same, each translation is still done “by hand” and is not left up to some ineloquent piece of equipment.

You are always welcome to a free quotation for your text (info [at] sf-translations [dot] com). Don’t hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any queries. I’ll be pleased to help you.